Stump Grinding

Below are a list of steps to remove a tree or shrub stump.

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Ontario One Call acts as a communications link between buried infrastructure owners and property owners who are planning to dig. If you are planting a tree, removing a stump, digging a new garden, or doing any project that requires you to dig your contractor must call Ontario One Call.

Stump Grinding or Digging out a stump

There are many different ways to eliminate a tree stump. The two most efficient ways are to grind them out with a stump grinding machine or to dig it out with hand or power tools.

Tree stumps are removed for aesthetics or safely. Not all stumps need to be removed as they will feed other living plan material with their rotting root system.

Tree Stump Debris Removal

Once a tree stump has been ground out using a stump grinder machine you are left with stump grindings.

You can use the stump grindings in your gardens or under the drip line of any tree or shrub. They will decompose over time and help feed the existing trees & shrubs.


If you are planning to re-landscape the areas where the tree stumps were with screened or triple-mix topsoil and grass seed or sod, you will want to make sure you remove all stump grindings to minimize the ground from sinking and mushrooms growing up in that area.

A properly remediated stump area in a lawn area should return to a healthy lawn in 2-3 weeks depending on conditions.

To request a Stump Grinding & Removal estimate, fill out the contact form on our contact us page to start the estimate process. We will schedule a site visit to assess the work. The estimate will be sent by email after a site visit has been done.