Tree Planting

At M&M Tree Service we specialize in planting small and large deciduous and coniferous trees. When it comes to tree planting, knowing what tree to plant and where to plant it can make all the difference.

We work with our clients to plant trees with them that will thrive in their landscapes, factoring in local climate, soil conditions and their short and long term property goals.

We hand pick each tree from one of our nursery growers to ensure premium growing structure and optimal tree health & vigor.

To request a Tree Supply and/or Planting estimate, fill out the contact form to start the estimate process.

Important information to note:
1. What kind of plants do you want?
2. What is the scientific (botanical) name of the plant?
3. Where on the property do you want to plant them?
4. What is the initial size of each plant?

Below is a list of trees we have planted for our clients in the past that you can see in person. Some small, some large depending on the clients needs. Feel free to drive by to see the trees now. 

White Oak (Quercus alba) 
80mm WB
12 Royal York Court, St. George, ON

Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) 
100mm WB
258 Erie Ave, Brantford, ON

Fat Albert Blue Spruce (Picea Pungens 'Fat Albert')
250cm WB
Fagus sylvatica (European Beech)
70mm WB
223 Pioneer Drive, Kitchener, ON Central parking area
October Glory Maple (Acer rubrum 'October Glory')
50mm WB
Across from 7 Parkside Drive Brantford, ON (W. Ross MacDonald School)

Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) Treeform
200cm BBC
49 Daugaard Ave, Paris, ON

River's Beech (Fagus sylvatica ' Riversii')
60mm WB
2 Glen Eden Circle, Brantford, ON


Legacy Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum 'Legacy')
50mm WB
17 Owen Ave. Paris, ON

Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis)
250cm 15gal
244 Dundas Street West, Paris, ON