Tree Cutting & Removal

M & M Tree Service provides Professional Tree Cutting & Removal services for residential & commercial properties.

To request a Tree Cutting & Removal estimate, fill out the contact form on our contact us page to start the estimate process. We will schedule a site visit to assess the work. The estimate will be sent by email after a site visit has been done.

 Top 5 reasons to cut down a tree
(before and after pictures below)
Tree Removal & Cutting Steps

1. Dead, Dying, Diseased

2. Renovations Plans (new pool, structure, planning)

3. Storm Damaged (cannot be saved)

4. Outgrown the area. (Vista, Signage)

5. Problematic (Sewer backup, Roof moss, Eaves mess, cones, wildlife highway, structural integrity)

1. Cutting down parts of a tree to the desired height from the ground

2. a) Remove all branches from the tree
b) Leave all branches from the tree on site

3. a) Remove all wood from the tree
b) Leave all wood from the tree on site
c) Cut up all wood into desired lengths and leave on site

 An example video showing how we take down a tree with Low Impact.




Select vista tree clearing on this ravine property.

Split TrunkCutting down this split linden tree on this residential property.

Sign is covered by trees
Sign is visible
Removal of two trees blocking this commercial sign.

Removal of this Oak tree in front of the house. The trees root system was interfering with utilities and heaving the front walkway.

Crane Tree RemovalRemoval of these dying Willow trees in between two industrial properties with the use of a local Crane Service.